This Is What We Do - Autumn 2020

16th October 2020





This Is What We Do is a series of student organised talks which provide a forum for academics to showcase their current projects.  All talks take place at 12.00 ~ 13.00 pm every other Friday, and are online.

Talks in Autumn 2020
Friday 2nd October
Kostas Zygalakis (UoE) Problems on the Interface of Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Applied Probability
Dr Cathal Cummins (HW) Going with the flow: Floating drops, sinking bubbles and flying seeds
Dr Aretha Teckentrup (UoE) Efficient Algorithms for Uncertainty Quantification and Data Science
Friday 16th October
Dr Audrey Repetti (HW) Optimisation Methods for Bayesian Inference Application to High Dimensional Inverse Problems
Dr Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali (HW) Uncertainty Quantification and Hierarchical Methods
Dr Jacob Page (UoE) Turbulence, dynamical systems and machine learning
Dr Ben Goddard (UoE) Complex, Multiscale Modelling
Friday 2nd November
Ben Leimkuhler (UoE) Thermodynamic approaches in Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Damian Clancy (HW) Deterministic and probabilistic aspects of nonlinear dispersive PDEs
Oana Pocovnicu (HW) Stochastic Models for the Spread of Infection
Friday 20th November
Fraser Daly (HW) Some approximation results for subcritical Erdos-Renyi random graphs
John Ball (HW) Solid and liquid crystals
Martin Evans (UoE) Stochastic Dynamics of Nonequilibrium Systems
Friday 27th November
Ruth King (UoE) State-space models: As easy as 1, 2, 3…?
Des Higham (UoE) Numerics, Networks, Stochastics and Data Science
Anke Wiese (HW) Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Applications – the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Process
Tibor Antal (UoE) Probability in Biology: bacteria, cancer, viruses…
Scott Heald (Public Health Scotland) “This Is What We Do”: Public Health Scotland
Friday 4th December 
Finn Lindgren (UoE) Computational statistics and spatial modelling
Rosalind Allen (UoE) Modelling spatial structure in growing bacterial biofilms
John Pearson (UoE) Optimal Control of PDEs: Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods
Mariya Ptashnyk (HW) Multiscale modelling, analysis & simulations of intercellular processes and root-soil interactions