Second Recruitment Event for 2021 entry Announced

1st February 2021


The second recruitment event for 2021 applicants to the MAC-MIGS CDT will take place on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th February 2021. The event is by invitation only.

Please take a tour of the CDT by viewing the videos below:


  • MAC-MIGS Overview for Prospective CDT Students – Ben Leimkuhler (UoE), Co-Director

Welcome video


  • Tour of the MAC-MIGS Research Themes:

Modelling – Jacques Vanneste (UoE) – video

Analysis – David Bourne (HWU) – video

Computation – Aretha Teckentrup (UoE) – video


  • MAC-MIGS Programme Structure – Mariya Ptashnyk (HWU) and Kostas Zygalakis (UoE)

Programme structure video


  • MAC-MIGS Industry Programme – Ben Goddard (UoE) and Cathal Cummins (HWU)

Industry programme video