5 November 15:00-16:30 - This is What We Do Event 1

4th November 2021

We’re excited This is What We Do talks are back!

To help MAC-MIGs students decide on their future projects and supervisors, we have invited three academics from the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Sjoerd Beenjes, Prof. Des Higham and Dr. Akshay Gupte, to talk about their research interests. Afterwards there will be pizza served on the 5th floor of Bayes.

3:00 – 3:25   Dr. Sjoerd Beenjes,

Interests: Applications of pure mathematics and mathematical statistics to causal questions in population biomedicine and public health policy.

3:25 – 3:50   Prof. Des Higham,

Interests: Numerical Analysis. Especially stochastic Computation, with applications in sociological/technological networks, future cities/digital economy and computational biology.

​3:50 – 4:15   Dr. Akshay Gupte,

Interests: Theory, algorithms, and applications of nonconvex optimisation.