Industrial Sandpits: 21st and 28th October 2022

18th October 2022



MAC-MIGS will be hosting two online Industrial Sandpits, on the afternoons of Friday 21st and 28th October, 13:30-17:00.  The primary aim of the events is to introduce MAC-MIGS students to some of our industrial partners, but it is also an excellent opportunity for academics to meet with these partners and the students.

In Semester 2, the students will be undertaking group projects with an industrial/interdisciplinary emphasis.  We expect many of the partners attending the Sandpits to be interested in providing such projects and/or topics for the Modelling Camp in May.  This is an excellent opportunity to get to meet the partners and students, and to discuss possible projects.

The Sandpits will take place in person, although some of the presenters may be online. If you would like to join online then please send an email to